Richard Bucker

Between DropBox and Google Drive

Posted at — May 6, 2012

It’s too easy to compare these products features and functions. They are, in fact, fairly similar. It’s also easy to find reasons to bash one over the other for things like the terms of service. I’ll admit I jumped on the Google Drive as soon as it arrived. In fact I’m running both. I’m still concerned about the quality of the google sync, the lack of documentation, and iPhone app. and let’s not forget google’s recent recent fickleness toward it’s other properties. In this stage of the game I have a taste of desktop unification that I really like it. The challenge is getting all those rough edges sanded down in a favorable way. Google clearly has a bias toward android so will we get a premium iPhone app? Don’t know that there is incentive. If not then DropBox needs to acquire some apps.