Richard Bucker

big 3 under 5 pounds

Posted at — Feb 19, 2019

While I like my bivy when my tarp is in leanto mode the fabric offers protection from bugs and rain. But in reality unless you’re in sleeping bag weather any precipitation is going to disrupt your sleep as the bivy is thin. Also, it’s impossible to regulate your temperature and not expose yourself. Jupiterhikes makes the recommendation that an umbrella and budnet sock would do the trick. And it does. The umbrella is a nice addition to the tarp. Lastly there is a nice combination of hammock and ground shelter. Without spending too much my pack, shelter, and sleep systems weigh less than 5 pounds.The bugnet is from outdoor vitals. It’s wide at one end and small at the other. It comes with a shockcord ridgeline which is not necessary in ground mode. It weights about 5oz and costs $34. In hammock vocabulary a sock is actually a cone shaped fabric with a cinch on each end. Crawl into your hammock and pull the sock up as if you were the foot only bigger. The OV model uses two different noseeum mesh. The Dutchware version is half noseeum and half 10D. Costs $57+ and weighs 8oz. The difference seems to be the weight of the mesh. So now the decision seems to be whether or not to go with the dual mesh or half mesh half coated 10D. I like the DW sock because it offers additional rain protection when under a tarp.Watching Jupiter’s videoHe makes some great points and then there is the same mistake I make every time… [1] keep your item count down [2] buy what you need or want the first time it’s much cheaper than owning duplicates. [3] make your selection based on the type of hike you want to have.