Richard Bucker

Big Cypress

Posted at — Jun 14, 2018

This is the 12-16 mile loop that I like to hike. (google map)I was misinformed about water for about a year. There is a canal that parallels the orange trail and passes through culverts to the right side of the trail. The “service” says it’s non-pottable, however, trail volunteers say it’s safe but MUST BE FILTERED and/or treated. The preferred water source is some deep water pools near Nobels camp and there is a pool at the back of Panther camp.Nobels Camp is here. I’m not sure which are the proper water sources… there is a short trail near the bottom and there are a number of pools close to the trail but that might be on indian land that requires a permit. (requires some investigation)Panther Camp is here. I think the the pin is in the wrong position but it’s close…. in the elbow to the east of the pin. There are some vehicle trails adjacent and ponds and domes close by. Water is possible but I’ve only been there once.