Richard Bucker

big numbers of things

Posted at — Feb 26, 2015

I had no idea what to call this post but I knew I wanted to talk about numbers of things. In a previous post I was getting heated about the size of my HDD and the cost in time and money to backup and restore everything I needed. In fact I underestimated the cost.the new drive cost $119I needed a new license for Carbon Copy Cloner $20Moving from my old MB to my backup MB means also upgrading iLife and iWork $20/perIn terms of numbers I thought we had about 25-30K raw images in iPhoto. It turn out we have over 54K in images and I know that there were some others in folders that might not actually be part of the “master” since it’s been upgraded over the years and the folder structure has changed.And then there are the emails. I’m looking at my “mail” activity window and the number just keeps climbing. So I logged into my gmail account and I see that I have “sent” 24K emails. I would like to delete the emails because there isn’t much point in keeping them all and since I use the apple Mail application it keep copies locally. Of course this is part of the “keep it simple” problem I’ve been talking about because the keep it on the server┬áselector never feels like it works properly.In the analysis there are too many pictures, too many duplicates, too many emails. So I like being able to upload my images to Google+ even if the images are only 2K. Now all I need is a way to move my emails from my active folders to a proper archive folder such that I’m only keeping 30-ish days worth. And so if I need to search I can always use my web interface.Well, Carbon Copy Cloner is awesome. It performed where Apple’s Disk Utility wouldn’t. The upgrade price of $20 for a “home” license is plausible. I had forgotten about a feature it had… scheduled backup to network drive.