Richard Bucker

Bitcoin Stupidity Expands

Posted at — Dec 19, 2021

In the article LAMAR WILSON, FOUNDER OF BLACK BITCOIN BILLIONAIRE, DISCUSSES FREEDOM FROM CENSORSHIP (which was closed to comments) makes the statement “It’s money that no one can censor, no one can tell you what to do with it, you can hold it on your own without having to interact with anyone else, you can send it… All kinds of things that you can’t do with the current financial system.”

The statement is only partially true and completely misleading and it only takes common sense and not a law degree to know the difference.

As a US citizen you could try to send money to Cuba, however, if it is illegal then the banking system will prevent that from happening. At the very least they would report it to the government and consequences will ensue.

Just because you might choose to use crypto currency to perform the same function and there is no central authority to prevent it… it’s still no less illegal and you might find yourself in jeopardy none the less.

There are laws that prevent US citizens from influencing foreign overnments.

bitcoin is a scam… snakeoil… stay away