Richard Bucker

Blockchain Now What?

Posted at — Jan 27, 2022

Either you’ve … purchased a commercial, opensource, or free blockchain solution or implemented a custom blockchain solution.

With 100 arbitrary blocks in the chain you or it detects an error. Assuming the error could be a result of a bug, at rest corruption, or fraud. Now what? With 100T blocks in the chain and you or it detects an error. Now what?

When the latest Mars rover was in development scientists were building a core sampling device that was designed to the highest cleanliness levels not previously implemented. In testing they determined that if two metals were too clean they would bond. Therefore if you had a vault with $1T in it. And the doors were clean to the same level then they would likely bond. At the end of the day you’d have to destroy the vault to get at it’s contents.

With the door sealed then the providence is assumed correct (even if sealed shut) but once the door is opened the providence of the money inside is no better than any traditional system. What’s worse is that if this vault to vault transfer takes place you may never be aware of it or it’s potential side effects.

It still stinks.