Richard Bucker

Bluetooth competition

Posted at — Jan 12, 2019

I do not particularly like Bluetooth but it is the current standard for personal area networking (PAN). It’s a problem, not to be confused with the PC' “challenge”, that here in my office I have no less than 10 active mini computers and laptops (and another 2 cars) and while each device will allow me to pair my headphones the outcome is not always the same.I have a Jabra Evolve 75 that I like to use for conference calls because it’s noise cancelling(both side of the conversation) is top notch. Also the Jabra is supposed to be able to actively switch between 2 different active connections. For some strange reason the connection for the Jabra drops here and there. It’s terribly annoying.Last week I purchased the TicPods. They are pretty good but the BASS I like is tough to get even though I can with my wired buds. The freq range is in the pod not the source. Since this bud is a one source bud I have not had the same problems as the Jabra. One other thing… I’ve turned off the BT on all the other devices in the room so even though the TicPods are paired with multiple devices turning the BT off has eliminated the competition.Now that I’ve learned a thing or two I tried again.  I did a RESET on the jabra and then pair it to my desktop. It’s been a few minutes and it’s working great. The Jabra is over the ear and delivers the frequency range I like although it’s a little less intimate and it’s not the sort of thing I would wear on an airplane or in public. After I’m satisfied that the Jabra connection is solid I’ll add a second device and see what happens.One thing I have learned lately is that there is a wide variety of “current” bluetooth releases. Most BT headsets on Amazon seem to be BT 4.0, however, there is an ever increasing number of 6.0 showing up in the market. The thing of it is that I should not have to turn off the BT when the paired devices are in the one room. You should be able to actively hijack the connection when you want. As to the proper way to do that could be device specific.TicPodsUPDATE according to L2Inc Apple’s AirPods cost $10 per pair to make and they sell for $150. These TicPods cost $125 but there are several Anker models that sell for $25.