Richard Bucker

Bluetooth Keyboards

Posted at — May 12, 2020

What was I thinking when I clicked NEW?

Bluetooth is hit and miss on all of my computers from Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux, iPad, Android and Fire. Frankly they all suck.

Just a few days ago I finally completed the installation of Pop!-OS on a spare Intel Nuc… only to remember that I needed a wired keyboard to get started. I have plenty of keyboards here… most are Logitech and many have the wireless dongle. I like the dongle because it is almost the same as a wired keyboard without the wire and is almost as reliable. The one wired keyboard I have uses a USB to PC converter and the keyboard whines when plugged in.

In the last few years I have been using, and have become comfortable, with my ASUS wireless keyboard. But ASUS no longer sells that keyboard and so I need backups. I’ve tried the Brydge brand and they are terrible. I have several logitech models that work but can be quirky depending on what it’s connected to. Some are full size, some are 3/4 with a soft membrane… One has a tablet/phone slot.


The biggest challenge is using ChromeOS keyboards on a non-ChromeOS device as modern software still seems to need F1-F12. I still like ChromeOS as my go-to desktop.