Richard Bucker

Bluetooth Strikes Again, Sucks ASS

Posted at — Aug 18, 2020

A couple of days ago I replaced my 16GB M2 drive with a 1TB device. My ASUS Chromebox puts the wifi and bluetooth tranceiver immediately above or stacked on top of the drive. But frankly I have had bluetooth issues for years and frankly this was the last straw. Bluetooth is constantly ridiculed as being non-secure and just does not work well… WTF are we not using those universal connectors from Logitech for everything?

While there are any number of reasons why my 3 bluetooth devices, headphones, keyboard and mouse may not work there is no reason why the bluetooth switch on the settings page should be disabled.

And while this pisses me off to no end it’s just part of the bigger problem… regardless of the system I’m using whether it’s windows, linux, ios or chromeos… bluetooth boots with the OS and probably for security reasons will not activate until the user iniitlaly logs in. And for example many OS that require a BIOS or encryption password… bluetooth has not launched.

When you make your living as a programmer… you should not have to compromise on the tools that you need to do your job. They should not be so expensive that it breaks the bank but they should make you comfortable and ready to get to work. I really liked my ASUS keyboard but it’s my second and getting old; and ASUS is no longer selling them. I have two DELL versions in a box but they are not the same. My new love is the lenovo keyboard. I have a corded and cordless. The cordless is bluetooth and dongle. I’ve been using the BT for quite some time and it’s clear to me that the ASUS has shit the bed. And for all the reasons above I’ve switched to the dongle.

Note to self Bluetooth sucks!