Richard Bucker

Boiling water with Fire Gel

Posted at — Jun 28, 2018

Some weeks ago I purchased a Vargo dual fuel stove. [a] alcohol… fill up the reservoir and blow it out when finished, return the extra if any to the bottle. [b] gel… turn the stove over, pour out some get, light and wait.Here’s the setup… It’s a Toaks stove inverted as it has a bowl… and filled it with what I thought was a safe and generous portion of fuel.The fuel was lit and the 2 cups of water was installed… the water got warm but no boil. The bottom of the pot had some small bubbles but no rolling boil. The ambient temp was 91F and the water temp was considered tap water.When the burn finished this what the stove looked like. There is some blue remnants which might be fuel and then there is some leftover crust.The bowl in the Vargo stove is about the same size so I do not imagine this is going to work well there either.