Richard Bucker

boot2docker in fishshell

Posted at — Dec 24, 2014

I have been an on and off again user of fish shell. There are a number of reasons to be wary of a new shell let along one that you downloaded from the net. But if you are like me then from time to time it’s ok to take a risk. And while there are some open source projects that promote their security and actually aren’t this one is just plain easy going.One of the things that caused me to go back to bash was poor integration with the tools that I used that were tightly bound to bash or zsh. For a time I used GVM (golang version manager). It’s scripts are complicated, deep, and managed the environment assuming it was bash. So when I started to get into my Go programming this became a serious issue. Since then I no longer care about GVM and I’d rather have a better shell experience. bash is just fine but fish can be fun.So while I’m also getting deep into docker and boot2docker there was a challenge. boot2docker needed to set the environment so that the host’d docker client would have various config information that was needed to connect to the docker server. In bash I would execute:$(boot2docker shellinit)however, this does not work in fishshell. In this case the new command is:boot2docker shellinit | sourceNow everything is right with the fish-world.