Richard Bucker

bootstrapping go web projects

Posted at — May 9, 2015

At first I thought that this was going to be a good idea. Some sort of opinionated framework was going to bootstrap whatever project I might be working on… and voila. But that was before I started looking at the details and now I have a different opinion.

It’s a bad idea to base my next project on this sort of framework.

Part of my opinion is intuition and the other part is experience. While the authors have made some excellent choices and they will work in most cases they are not going to work in all cases and without a more general plug-in strategy you’re better off knowing and understanding the ideas and the glue. Implementing your own strategy.

The authors have clearly just glued a bunch of 3rd party packages together. It’s not a bad thing but you need to understand the code before you blindly incorporate it. The Go Authors are very clear on this point as the stdlib is fairly feature complete.

here is their list and my objections:

There are a few missing packages… go-bindata and bindata-assetfs. And a good Makefile/Dockerfile. Taking a page from the Apcera gnatsd project they provided a Dockerfile that is the makefile. 

The last thing that is missing is a license dependency tree.  Just what exactly are the challenges here… if there is a single license that includes the GPL-A then you have a number of commercial licensing issues. Any corporate attorney would require this evaluation so you are better off doing it for yourself before you get started.

Good luck.

** know your stack!!!