Richard Bucker

Boutique Headhunters

Posted at — Apr 24, 2012

There was a time when I thought there might be a need for a boutique headhunting service. I thought that I might also consider outsourcing my interviewing or tech screening to locate headhunters and recruiters. But it’s complicated and the mission for the commercial recruiter is different than the corporate recruiter and definitely the job seeker. I was never able to convince myself that there was a real market.Enter boutique headhuntersRecently I was contacted by one such firm. They were looking for someone with perl and payments experience. On the perl side I’ve worked on a number of proprietary projects; a general purpose reporting tool/framework, NOC monitoring webapp, sysadmin webapp, DBA webapp, trouble ticket webapp, Verifone terminal administration tool and then a few experimental apps which were just personal exploration.This headhunter was only interested in my perl code and my CPAN contributions and what perl idioms I was familiar with. And so if you have read any of my previous articles you know exactly how I feel about this.(a) I do not have any commercial grade software, written in perl, that I can subject to this scrutiny. Partly because it’s not mine.(b) the public code that I have is scrap code that I used to prove a point or debug a module. Again nothing worthy of scrutiny.And as I sit here trying to write the conclusion to this experience my mind is wandering in several directions. Either the recruiter does not get it or the client does not. This sort of narrow focused recruiting approach never turns out well. It’s a temporary patch at best. People do not like to work in hostile work environments unless they are at the top of the food chain.