Richard Bucker

Branding Bear Grylls

Posted at — May 12, 2016

I cannot blame Grylls for trying to make a living selling his brand and experience. For the most part is gear looks pretty reasonable although I’m surprised that there is so much overlap in may of the products. Frankly I would have had more respect for the products if he were more opinionated after all it’s his experience we are paying for. (not accounting for upgrades over time).And then there is knowing your audience. I was thinking about the type of survival I might need. Over the years there have been tornadoes and hurricanes. Either you run away or hunker down. After the storm has passed you must immediately account for family and friends. If you’re lucky you might a roof, power, and water. After the last hurricane we had power but no water. After hurricane Andrew people had to start thinking in terms of the five C’s. However, since this was the suburbs real survival craft was not necessary. In fact the people who will need to live off the land already know how and those that want to learn will do exactly that.