Richard Bucker

Broke the Ice with Java on OSX

Posted at — Mar 1, 2015

My MacBook Air has been a java virgin since I bought the computer. After all that crap with Oracle and the bugs they let creep into Java I had just enough of it and swore to never install it again. I had refused to install CrashPlan, GoToMyPC and IntelliJ because they used Java… regardless if it was embedded in the application or an external dependency.Today I finally encountered an application that made it necessary.When the application started it popped up a splash screen with a link to a website where I could download and install the JRE. It was pretty strange that the vendor did not mention Oracle by name but that is where I was directed to. I clicked the button to download and install my Java dependency and completed the installation task. ┬áBut when I started the application I received the same popup. I tried to install the JRE several times but nothing worked.Finally I downloaded and installed Apple’s version of the JRE. My guess is that Apple’s version was dates back to Jan 2014 but I cannot be sure. Obviously this creates some general concerns about versions, security, and Apple’s deprecation when the time comes. (i.e.; some MOV formats are no longer supported.)Once I installed Apple’s version of the JRE everything worked smoothly. Let’s see what happens next.