Richard Bucker

Browser IDEs for general purpose programming

Posted at — May 6, 2015

There are quite a few of them now:cloud9 - sftp did not function properly. That was not a showstopper but it is frustrating. I have a private repo and ‘go get’ is not pulling from the private repo. This could be a common problem without baking in my ssh creds. (does not support ‘go get’ since it defaults the workspace to the current folder and does away with the src folder; and the IDE keeps losing my server in it’s known_hosts) [latest go on c9: link1, link2; I should note that I was not able to compile go1.4.2]nitrous - this one needs another try, however, it’s cost is probably the highest in the group. And then came the truth.  They are charging by the minute.  It’s a good thing I discovered this because it’s not actually very good. They tried to create a complete container but then I could not clone a private bitbucket repo. My transaction amount is for $0.21 but they will not let me close out my account until they’ve posted an invoice; and presumably I’ve paid it.codev - easier to uninstall than loginkoding - codebox - sourcelair - using go version 1.2.1; which happens to be the same version as cloud9. I do not imagine that they are the same vendor or using the same engines underneath but something’s wrong.cde - incomplete and does not support bitbucket in git mode as there is a bug at BB and cde refuses to implement a workaround that others have already implemented.caret - no DVCS support and seemed to be limited to the local drivetxt - good editor but not much in the way of an IDE and it certainly does not build. It would be nice if there was a terminal session or at least an SFTP option so I could still open an offboard window.zed - just cheapcoding the webshift editcodenvy - I was having a good time with this IDE. It lacked any speed as it completely rebuild the target build environment each time making compiled, test a very long operation.codeanywhere - complicated pricing options although they seem cheap. Still seems to be missing something.tailor -  I got stuck in the IDE trying to commit my code.codepressra - simple and incompletecode your cloud - might be interesting although it’s young and seems to be run on my servers. Not a bad thing but I don’t trust them yet.tedit - I need to give this one another try. As with cde it does not support bitbucket’s version of git and so I would need to move my project.keypress editor - deleted before it could be tested as the help page returned a 404. I hope it has not been hijacked.There are probably many more but for the moment I’m looking for a few key features: quality editor with syntax highlightingneed to be able to execute goimports against my codegithub and bitbucket integrationcompile, test, run my codeeither checkout my code to my Chromebook or some other similar functionalityAnd so there are a few things in the works. I need to get gitlab running on my serversI need to get my turbo editor implementedI need to support git, hg, and fossilIt’s my general conclusion that I need a real server to do this work. I can also make a good case for running an IDE like Coda, from, and then some docker commands like gnatsd from Apcera. This has been a tremendous waste of time.