Richard Bucker

Bug Out Bag in Seattle

Posted at — Jul 18, 2016

We were in Seattle for 9 days as a tourist. From time to time we went on extended drives from 1hr to 3hrs. Many of the longer drives were in the east where we were on single lanes, in the mountains, and most of the time we were alone.On one occasion we were driving back to Bellevue when a deer jumped out and crossed the road. Had we not been paying attention we could have crashed … the next car might not see us is we went over the edge of the road.¬†What did I carry and what did I use?first aid kit - USED, I’ll probab ly get a smaller kit and put my flashlight and SAK in it2x micro towels - USEDfolding knife - NO, next time I’ll bring my SAK insteadsharpening stones - NO, leave it at homecordage and zip ties - NO, too many bad actors out there and on the riseflashlight - USEDlightweight rain jackets - NO, personal sheler is a muststroller rain cover - NO, leave the stroller at home toostuff sack with snacks - USED2x small travel games - USEDtarp - NOnylon beach blanket with stakes 10x10ft - USED, on a beach because there was so much sand and the blanket cleaned easier than I expected the thermal blanket would; the kids still managed to get sand on the blanket.thermal blanket 10x10ft - USED on grass because it was thicker than the nylon blanket but could have used stakes as the minor gusts still turned the cornersThe extra space in my 30L bag was used for things we purchased, sweater, but no kids toys except for the two mini travel games. This bag was about survival and not play.HINT - your B.O.B. has to be a bag that you’re willing to carry no matter the situation. You cannot stare at your BOB in the car and think, I’ll just leave it in there while we eat dinner. All-in or all-out.That said, when I was in the airport I noticed that there was a guy that I would say was probably “an operator”. He had no bags or things to carry. What was on him was all he seemed to need. That, to me, seems to be all you should need. I think I could managed with a 20L sling instead of a pack.One thing that was missing was a high capacity power bank like the 26K Anker and a dual port car charger. I already have a 5 port charger but a 6-port high speed charger for base camp is a plus.