Richard Bucker

Bug Out Bag

Posted at — Jun 10, 2016

A bug out bag┬áis defined as a bag that you might keep in your vehicle or close to the door such that if you have to go into survival mode or at least have the best chance … you need these things.The bug out bag shopping list came from this video.Rule of 3s - SurvivalIn any extreme situation you cannot survive for more than:3 minutes without air3 hours without shelter3 days without water3 weeks without food.The 5 Cscovercutcombustioncontainercordage**If you have the technical skills and the time to execute then all you really need is cut and container. You can make everything else depending on the environment. And some tools simply make it easier or are time savers.I have an amazon BOB List. It’s a nearly complete shopping list. It’s not the cheapest but it is almost complete in that it’s meant for bugging out and not camping. I have a few other lists but no need to be distracted by them. (the wish list does not indicate quantity but there are a few items that need to be duplicated.)ENHANCEMENTSWhile BOB List was inspired by the video there were a number of things that were missing and in retrospect I think there are a few more. One thing I learned from the History Channel’s Alone project is that you gotta have a few days worth of food. MREs are complete and somewhat fun and there are all forts of prepper options out there. Living in Florida they tell us to have 4 days food and water. This is a different type of survival, however, I live near the North New River Canal and the Conservation Levee Greenway. If we have to leave it would be in a hurry and we may or may not have our cars etc…This is where things get expensive but in the previous list you were prepared to eat the family pet as the end of days was upon you. The reality is the next survival scenario is just a mild inconvenience. But you still have to wait out the storm and so you need some items.foodflashlightsgenerate power and or heat - gasoline, biolite stove and solarstore power in power bankweather radiowalkie talkiesamateur radiogeneratorair conditionercooler(s)water for drinking and flushingmapspens, pencilsimportant numbersfamily calling treebatteries, rechargeable batteriesa daily routinetents, sleeping bags, mattress, sheets, cotsI need to review the NOAA documentation.