Richard Bucker

Buggin' Out

Posted at — May 5, 2016

As I continue to watch some of these videos I cannot but wonder how these people go this way. Bugging out probably means different things to different people. In my mind it means the world has gone to shit and you gotta get to safety. Bugging out implies end of the world scenarios. But come on, how many times has that happened?Just left of center is survival¬†and just right of center id bushcraft. And to the right of all that is camping.In my mind “survival” means that something short of the end of days… maybe your car breaks down in the desert, on a less traveled road, and your cell is not working. The same could be said for stranded in the mountains in a white-out or your car breaks down. Your survival shills are going to let you do more with a lot less to survive.Bushcraft is the skills you need to life off the land for a slightly extended time. Of course, bushcraft can turn into survival if you make some poor decisions or mother nature decides to act out.In none of those cases are you going to rush home, grab your bugging out kit, and start running to the hills. And frankly if you do not practice your craft, survival, bush, or camping, that buggout kit will either be incomplete or unfamiliar when you need it most.