Richard Bucker

Build My Own Tcl Installation

Posted at — Sep 18, 2020

This started off as a DSL of sorts… and while I’m distracted by this squirrel it not going to derail me. What I’ve been able to do is build and deploy my own tcl instance of version 8.6.10. And I was able to read my ini file and connect to a SQL Server DB and pull down some data. And I was able to do this on 3 different OS. (FreeBSD, OpenBSD and ChromeOS Linux). At least I think I got it working on all 3.

One big problem for tcl is that Active State is active and with all the SEO it’s hard to get real results. Active State wants to sell binary code licenses and yet many of us, with documentation, can build our own. And then there are at least two other web sites that claim authority.

My OpenBSD and FreeBSD both use clang. I just built it in my tmp folder (a) so that it never overlapped with my OS delivered version (b) limits attack vectors and escalation.

cd $HOME/tmp
tar zxvf tcl8.6.10-src.tar.gz 
tar zxvf tcllib-1.20.tar.gz
mv tcllib-1.20 tcl8.6.10/pkgs/
cd $HOME/tmp/tcl8.6.10/unix
CC=cc ./configure --prefix=$HOME/tmp/
make install