Richard Bucker

buildroot mission statement

Posted at — Aug 4, 2016

I really like the buildroot project from the perspective that I can build a microsized custom container exactly the way I want it. What I find frustrating is that someone on the buildroot team wrote:Why do we install gofmt on the target? Buildroot doesn’t install tools to do development on the target, so installing gofmt seems weird.That’s a particularly frustrating statement. Using buildroot to build containers seems common sense. Without some sort of package manager it’s impossible to install the necessary tools especially when the only workaround might be RPMs or some other packaging that requires at least one boot.Furthermore, while many of the interpreters on the target list it can be assumed from the statement that all 10-15 languages are integrated into the target because they are required. So then why are they optional?I hope they reconsider that position. Seems wrong and absolute.