Richard Bucker

Business Class Communication With Remote Employees

Posted at — Oct 18, 2011

At the moment I’m sitting at my desk in my home office and I have several programs open in order to communicate with me and I hate the fact that I need so many applications and so many duplicates. And it’s not that they are bad applications but they are all bloated, have difference security models, and then there is the elitism of some of them.Here’s the rundown: Mailplane is my regular eMail client for all of the gmail accounts. I currently have nearly 20 accounts. I use iChat connected to 3 IM accounts I use Adium for IRC Skype and Skype Chat Google Voice (it’s connected to my MailPlane interface and my Chrome browser by extension) A client of mine was using Mio so I installed it once too And then there is FaceTime on my desktop and on my iPad go to my pcWhen you look at my desktop most of the apps that are running are actually idle and not running at all. Just think about all that screen real-estate, memory, CPU and network resources that they are consuming. How can this get more normalized? As a business owner and user I want: simple and functional applications even if they are not integrated secure so that my competitors are not listening in not off putting complete so that I can even screen share quickly reasonable costAnd something that is compelling enough that I don’t have to worry about keeping those other applications around any more. Can’t we all just get alone?