Richard Bucker

business continuity

Posted at — Nov 7, 2019

Plan B … in recent weeks “we” have seen a number of scary news reports and blog posts. Granted this stuff can be fake or just plain grandstanding by the tech influencers … But what is your/my “plan B” for the great meltdown?  I have been formulating a few ideas as a nextgen DR, however, this is a problem of plan B scale whether it’s just one company or planet wide.Is this a conversation you wanna have?On thing we keep hearing about is the various compromises that companies like Target and others experience nearly every day. And whether it’s one person, a group or multiple groups it’s irrelevant. They are playing the long game, they have the skills, and closing those holes is expensive, and once hacking those holes is more expensive than the gain what and why the next target. Right now the targets are companies; what happens when it’s countries; or planets?One problem with the Russian hackers is that at some point those hackers will enter into the public sector and they will start talking and sharing… and at some point one of them will go too far. Now what? We’ve seen this system all too often.Now what? How do we rewind and rebuild?