Richard Bucker

buyers remorse the Appellation Trail

Posted at — Jul 26, 2016

I’m not doing the Appellation Trail (AT) any time soon but there are some ideas that I have been reading that leave me with knife buyers remorse.I have been collecting knives since I started going head first into self-training bushcraft. I’d watch a few videos and then review some of the equipment people were using and then watch a dozen knife and tent reviews. And then the boxes start rolling in from Amazon.I recently wrote about my knife collection. Some were complete shit. In retrospect they are still complete shit but I also do not need 10 Mora knives. One or two would have been fine and I should just have stopped there.Supplemented by a SAK.In the meantime I watched a vlogand although the conclusion is that hammock camping is fun/preferred for the presenter he was quick to explain that it’s [a] expensive [b] heavy [c] complicated [d] difficult to get consistent.  I’ve, separately, commented that hammock camping is not permitted it all campgrounds and that there is a danger in hammock camping with respect to hanging on dead trees or weak roots and so on.Back to the AT… [a] some segments of the trail do not permit ground campfires [b] in some places fires are only permitted in the fixed shelters [c] and in some segments tools like saws or axes are not permitted. I recently posted that many US National parks to not permit open fires and those that do are only in designated pits.The author went on to say [a] many thru hikers do not cook on the AT. They bring water and foodstuffs that do not require cooking. [b] he went on to mention things like Hostels which leads me to believe that while water can be found on the trail you’re likely to exit the trail to get fresh water. Without heat to purify water you’ll need chemicals or a filter system.Anyway, back to knives.With yet another place where fires are not permitted my knives are kinda useless. I really only need the few where I can practice my skills in the backyard or the campground fire pit.