Richard Bucker

Buying a New Car

Posted at — Sep 1, 2022

Maybe this post should have been titled “The Pricing/value proposition of a new car”. A few weeks ago my wife and I test drove a Subaru Ascent. The car has some serious tech and a serious price tag. While Tesla does not offer an SUV the price was inline and maybe a tesla was the better buy.

waiting for better Batteries; more reliable power; thinking about hurricanes

As I looked at different cars from different manufacturers; Offers from different banks; end of lease; new lease; financing; residual values; gas prices; wants versus needs… It was all a complete mess.

It’s too easy to blame COVID but is it really?

We know that business took their PPP money and bought stock. We know Trump gave billionaires money and they bought stock or paid themselves. When the government dropped certain taxes business raised prices… just for a little. Much of the same happens with certain types of taxes and tariffs.

Somewhere in there is a market force that is stronger than tax.

As I was pricing cars and thinking about what my kids might drive it was clear that the starting with a self driving car was probably a bad idea. So was an 8 passenger SUV. I get a kick out of a manual transmission but even that might be too much for a first car but certainly having the right car requires some consideration.

Might be time for a new car buying website with a different datapoints. The current state of things is not helping me.