Richard Bucker

'C' is for Cut - on the Appalachian Trail

Posted at — Aug 10, 2016

In the Five C’s of Survival it is recommended that you carry a knife. However after many countless Appalachian Trail gear reviews not many have talked about full tang, folded or any other cutting edge except in passing. One guy said he carried because it made him feel better and another said a friend gifted him a new one because his was too small. Another said he kept his small Gerber in his cook kit to open freeze dried meals. And one girl made mention that she had one and it appeared to be a Victorinox Pioneer.The one thing that seems to be common is that the AT is relatively safe in that you probably will never go into Survival mode unless you get lost or possibly some other sort of disaster. (unlike the PCT). In fact one thing that is said about Survival is that you need water and for the most part there is water on the AT. If you lose everything except a container you can still scoop out enough water to get back to civilization. Of course you may have the runs but you will have survived.So for my first section hike from Springer Mountain I’ll take my pioneer, hunter pro, and a classic SD for the kitchen. There is a chance I would take my farmer instead of pioneer but only a small one. Why so many? Because I like to make feather sticks and when stressed I like to sharpen my knives.BTW: I have not seen anyone mention sharpening stones. Again survival is only a few days away at worst.