Richard Bucker

camping gear must have

Posted at — Apr 26, 2016

youtube recommended hat I watch some videos; presumably based on my amazon and google searches. One video that kept popping up was “camping gear you gotta have”. Here’s the list:SOS20K - 20K miliamp USB battery that will charge 4 devices at once and comes with a solar panel for recharging. In truth there are a number of problems. [a] it’s a LI battery so don’t let it overheat [b] max battery life is achieved NOT using the solar [c] it costs $149. One comment the reviewer made was that the included D-ring could hold 15K pounds. I didn’t think the battery weighed that much.Zyntony Torch - it has a number of interesting features. waterproof, bright, rechargeable, configurable. But the one ridiculous feature is the bluetooth. It’s a well known fact that BT is a battery magnet. The straplight looks like a more practical flashlight.The Mach2 hammock from Clark Outdoor looks like a nice product. I think my only concern is the price and the exaggerated way the video described the straps. I think it would have bee nice to have a 2 person ground version, which they offer, I have yet to see the video and I’m not sure how stable it would be in the air…. and you need 4 perfect trees for that. (reminder they are expensive.)Biolite stove. The last few places I’ve been camping don’t have anything to burn. In their kickstarter video they showed a stove for 3rd world countries etc… I liked it and would rather have one of those instead of a small camping model.And honorable mention goes to campfire in a can. It’s not offered by amazon and the price is $179 for the 2 in 1 model. I’m not sure I’d use it for cooking but a portable fire pit for those 2 to 3 days a year when my wife wants to roast marshmallows makes perfect sense.