Richard Bucker

Camping in Florida - shakedown prep

Posted at — Aug 30, 2016

I’m planning my hike in Big Cypress as a shakedown hike. While gear is arriving I’m still trying to go as lite as possible with possibly one exception. Hammock vs tent.ENO DoubleNest 19oz (the single is only 16oz so I would not be saving much)Straps 11oz (there are some rope systems I could have used but I was trying to be friendly to the trees)DryFly 22oz (I have another rainfly that weights 14oz but has limited cover.)The tent is 24oz. (I’m not counting the footprint because I plan to bring it in either case.)The hammock system weights in at 52oz or about 3.4lbs.The tent weights 24oz or about 1.5lbsThere are three choices to be made… [a] hammock [b] tent [c] both. For some background I have been talking with a Big Cypress volunteer and he said he was on the trail a few weeks back and they used hammocks to stay off the wet ground. And while I trust his opinion I watched some video that suggested adequate trees were hard to come by.I will eventually have to decide between an alcohol stove and isobutane.Anyway… categoriesReminder(C’s and 3’s):¬†Cover, Cut, Combustion, Cordage, Container, water, foodShelter or cover: hammock, tent, rain gear, T-shirt, shorts, Sun shirt, convertible pants, socks, underwear, hat, sunscreen, camp shoes, bug spray, mattress, pillow, blanket, schmog, boots or runnersKitchen or combustion, container and cut: lighter, ferro rod, pocket knife, spork, alcohol stove, fuel, pot or cup, isobut fuel and stove, bandanna, scrubbing pad, scraper, ziplock bagFood: instant coffee, poptarts, instant oatmeal, trail bars, dehydrated meals, bear bag and cordage, bannock ingredients and seasoning, oilWater: 3x 1L SmartWater bottles. mini Sawyer, AquaMira, bandannaSurvival: Compass, first aid, foot cream, phone, map,¬†emergency blanket, cordage, knife, cup, tape, ointment, baby powder, diaper cream,Misc: treking poles, saw