Richard Bucker

Cannot watch the World Cup 2015

Posted at — Jul 5, 2015

I was walking the dog about a half hour ago when I stopped at a neighbors to chat. As we were wrapping things up another neighbor stepped into the street and alerted us to the fact that Team USA was up 4-1 at half time. I’m not exactly sure what the score was at the time because several search headlines painted a different picture.Anyway, I started googling for sites where I could watch the game. Sure, I could have walked 20 feet into the living room and turned on the tube but I wanted to watch from my desk. Kinda selfish but that’s the way it’s evolving.Once I managed to filter through 5 websites to one with a link to a viewing site (fox2go) it took quite a long time to load the page. In fact over the next 20 minutes I reloaded fox2go nearly 15 times. Unfortunately after the 5th or 6th time I was redirected to a login page. And I had to click on the “other provider” link… so I could search for my service provider. Once I got to the “advanced cable” login screen I had to remember my username and password. ¬†Unfortunately it was not my regular account credentials. It was supposed to be my “view anywhere” credentials. I do not have those credentials yet.Anyway, it’s almost 30 minutes now. The second half of the game should be about 45 minutes… and if I’m lucky I might get to watch the last 5 minutes.One thing I also noticed is that every single site I tried to access was experiencing some sort of slowdown. It’s quite possible that the consumption of bandwidth in my community has saturated the network too… but that cart has long since sailed.In a day when we are supposed to be in love with neutrality, sharing, and love; it’s simply not that way. Corporate greed prevented me from watching the second half of the game. Nothing more.