Richard Bucker

CentOS Stream Who Cares?

Posted at — Dec 9, 2020

There is tons of hoopla surrounding CentOS going all 2019-stream but who really cares? Look, there is nothing truly wrong with Red Hat Enterprise or CentOS… but the reality is that most system architects are still taking the batteries included approach to system design. How much beyond the default installation do you really need? And how much of the default installation do you realy need?

Linux is bloatware

So when Linus T. announces the LOC in a kernel release you know there’s bloat.

When you’re building a static web server… then a unikernel is good enough. If you’re building a simple interactive webapp with an app server… it could be done in a unikernel but you could make a case for the tiniest OS.

There is a market for a tony OS and if not that then a proper build from source. CoreOS was interesting as it was container driven and immutable.