Richard Bucker

CES chromebooks

Posted at — Jan 8, 2014

I’m really excited that chrome book seem to be developing some attention at CES this year. The talking heads seem to suggest that more of the chrome books are going to receive additional horsepower but within the core processor and the graphics processor.My question is what is the delay? It would seem to me that the delay is obviously marketing and demand. An opportunity to generate maximum return on investment. On the other hand like many of the windows laptops if the chrome book is overpowered then hackers are more likely to repurpose the laptops away from Google and on to more traditional operating systems as is the case with many of the chromebook pixel installations.Combbooks have some serious potential. First of all there is the initial cost on the replacement cost. Both are very low. Then there is the free storage at Google. Most systems come with three years of 100 gig of free Storage. What is nice about this is an three years you’re likely to want to upgrade to whatever’s the latest hardware platform is. Thus renewing your subscription. With the pixel you receive 1 TB of storage which is equal to the total cost of the hardware.I do everything online these days so that notion of an off-line laptop is mostly less appealing. There are the occasions like when I’m on an airplane that I need a command shell, editor, and compiler. Now with most airplanes offering free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi during the course of a flight even this is no longer a limiting factor.If I’m a business owner I would certainly like a chrome book with an SSD slot for local storage.