Richard Bucker

Chaos in Framework development

Posted at — Dec 5, 2011

I think I am observing….the more general purpose a framework or language becomes the more likely that the things implemented on top of it also become more general purpose … recursively.Which has me asking the question:So at what point do we end up back at the original source?Think about this. Sun’s, now Oracle’s, JVM executes on just about everything out there. The JIT is producing runtimes that are nearly as good as C. So given all of the extra heat that the JVM generates why not just write good C code in the first place?And that has me thinking about something else…Forget whether or not Moore’s law will be true forever but assuming that it is. At what point do we stop caring?For about the first 4 to 5 years of the PC Moore’s law was really important. We were aching for CPUs that would allow us to do exponentially more work. We wanted more memory etc… MS DOS applications and MS Windows was around the corner. And we just waited for the hardware to catch up.Now the hardware is here. I know it’s here because for the last few years we have watched NASCAR show realtime car telemetry on the screen rendering the driver’s box and car data with an arrow to the car. Or the colorized hockey puck during professional hockey games (abandoned but it worked).We can do just about anything with out PC/Mac(s) and our phones and tablets are getting there. So what does it all mean? Where are we going next?