Richard Bucker

Chicken Lang: a Clarification

Posted at — Jul 17, 2022

Over the last few years I have been writing about cattle, pets and now chickens. At one point in time chickens and cows were akin to barns and coops… and I/we continue to refine the meaning.

farm animals are more valuable than pets

what is another term for multi-cloud?

I have been referring to “chicken” as a language but I what I really mean is chicken-feed.

DEFINED: Chicken-feed is any light weight language, interpreted or compiled, that get’s the job done. In my case I’m referring to “tcldsl” as a chicken-feed language with a simple interpreter. tcldsl is based on tcl which requires the simplest of parsers. If some day golang falls out of favor I only need to replace the interpreter and I get to keep all the business intelligence in the chicken.