Richard Bucker

Chicken Software

Posted at — Nov 23, 2021

I was introduced to the idea of cattle not pets many years ago when Rancher put the idea forward. At the time they were promoting the idea of short-lived containers rather than long running bare metal. I’m not saying that’s the official origin story but there is this. and it paints a similar yet different picture.

The funny thing is that there are plenty of metafors to be had… for example the gestation period of a cow is 283 days and 21 days for a chicken. So if you extend that metafor to system orchestration then chickens could be more desireable just in times of hatching new chickens.

But there are more…

So I think “chick-fil-a” got it right; eat more chikin. But if you’re interested in learning more about chicken-scale software and/or you have a project in mind… check up out (Chicken Software)