Richard Bucker

ChromeBook add-on idea

Posted at — May 20, 2015

Crouton is ok… just ok. Without actually having been able to install Crouton I have a number of concerns. Firat of all… What is it and what can I run in or on it? Since it’s name is an acronym for chroot I’m concern that it’s not much more than a container and if so why didn’t the Googlers responsible for ChromeOS implement Docker as the preferred container? (One thing for certain is that I do not like the “devmode” warning message) Let’s not forget the devmode warnings.Another option is dual boot and even at 9 seconds to boot ChromeOS it’s still slower than I want for this purpose.Now that Intel is selling a computer on a stick and Google the ChromeBit it’s just a matter of time before we see what I’m looking for.  A computer on a USB stick. Now that would be the cat’s meow. Specially if it connected to a Chromebook with auto networking etc.