Richard Bucker

Chromebook: How Much RAM

Posted at — Jul 20, 2021

I would like to know what the percentage of chromebooks and the amount of RAM they have installed. I know that for basic workloads 4GB is sufficient as evidenced by my kids' chromebooks over the last year. I’ve also had personal success with my backup chromebook when my desktop chromebox failed…

But right now I’m looking at the memory utilization of my 16GB Lenovo C13 which suggests that it’s using 3/4 of the available 16GB of RAM. To be clear I’m terribly concerned because I have some ideas about where the memory is going and more importantly what’s the point of having 16GB of RAM if you never actually use more than 4GB.

I’ve had similar concerns about VMs and containers generating heat instead of work. And so I wonder how much of that usage is actual and how much is cache. Consider that each core application starts, looks at the available RAM, and then sets it’s individual cache amount. Memory usage goes up and that’s it.

I’ve tried looking at the task manager and then all the memory indicators and I just cannot seem to corelate the COG memory usage to the actual. Also interesting… from the Linux command line I typed the command top and htop. Both commands use similar data just rendered differently… however, they both indicate that I have 14G RAM available. This suggests that ChromeOS is just under 2GB and the rest may be swappable from Linux point of view.

Then again… cog could be wrong. cog is showing all 8 CPUs as beeing 1-10% active. htop shows the CPUs as generally idle. Interesting and frustrating all in one.