Richard Bucker

Chromebook Pixel Type-C USB

Posted at — May 14, 2015

I really like my Chromebook Pixel with 16GB RAM, 64GB SSD, i7, and 128GB SD card. However I have a few complaints.On the left side of the based of the laptop is the Type-C USB port.  It’s used for peripherals as well as the power cord.  One of the things that makes the Type-C desirable is that the plugs are not directional. There is no right-side up any more.What you should also notice is that the width of the base is slim and the receiver is midway; meaning that in order to remove the connector you actually have to tip the laptop in order to wrap your fingers around the plug to remove it. And since there is a similar connector on the other side of the keyboard tilting the laptop could put unreasonable stress on the other connector. Furthermore there is no obvious way to lift the laptop in a smooth motion except to grab it by the screen bezel and since it’s a touch screen that might not be a good thing either. One could always argue that closing the lid and then pulling the connector is the best way but then there are some sleep or docking state things to consider.I wonder of the (a) the connector should have been similar to the MacBook’s magsafe (b) some sort of slim contactless charger (c) put the connector on the screen side of the case close to the hing. At least then a one-handed person might have a better chance to manipulate the connector. Only [c] offers keeping the Type-C form factor in place.