Richard Bucker

Chromebook Powerwash - killer app

Posted at — May 26, 2015

I was having trouble with my mini-Jambox this morning. It’s a small Bluetooth speaker from Jawbone. Sadly Jawbone continues to have it’s troubles. (remember UP) I’m not sure if it’s the company it it’s products. It’s not uncommon for businesses to be marketing entities for manufacturers who provide their IP in different packaging. (it’s a common question on Shark Tank).After trying different strategies to connect, reconnect, pair, repair, forget, nothing worked. One person suggested Powerwashing my Chromebook. Let’s be realistic, Jawbone has no real support for my CB or android phone. Their firmware update tool only works on Windows or OSX. So this problem was just frustrating.But here is the thing. ┬áThe Powerwash took less than 3 minutes and my Chromebook was back in it’s factory state. The last time I had to re-install OSX or Windows it took days to get my environment back to the way I wanted. At the very minimum I had all my tools installed and all of my icons and settings exactly the way they were (keep in mind I have sync-ing turned on)I am no longer afraid of the Powerwash.