Richard Bucker

ChromeBook the missing link

Posted at — May 13, 2015

Sadly I am coming to the conclusion that the missing link is, in fact, missing. I might actually repurpose my ChromeBook Pixel as an Ubuntu laptop instead of the Special purpose device that it is. It is simply not capable of doing the sandboxed development that I was hoping for; even though nacl was looking promising.On the default Chromebookthere is no command shell so there is no working git commandsthere are a few editors that support git, however, there is a bug with bitbucket’s git versionthis is certainly not going to compileAfter installing naclnacl has some tools installed by defaultgolang is NOT one of the toolsinstalling go from source requires ‘tar’ which is not installedinstalling dev_tools in order to get nacl_ports installed is easybut getting the dev_tools to work without bash in the expected place or being able to fork (backticks) makes dev_tools uselessdev modeI only have the one Pixel and I’m not going to hack too hard without having some confidence on how to restore it.I read one post that indicated that much of the ChromeOS security is disabled when in dev modeAdditionally, one other thing.  VPN is still not working with watchguard… and I have even read a couple of posts that suggest that VPN is simply broken. In my opinion, however, the two are not related. In my case I need an ovn file and the later the issue may be related to the ineffective GUI.Finally, one alternative has been a “remote editor”.  There are a few and some are better than others. At least one uses the vendor’s servers as a proxy.  This is clearly very bad for security. I’ve been playing with the idea and I have a prototype in both ACE and CodeMirror. Now it might be time to execute… specially since rmate has come to my attention. Now I need a stronger browser based editor.