Richard Bucker

Chromebox: Dell vs Asus

Posted at — Aug 30, 2015

Both Dell and Asus sell a Chromebox. The Dell CB retails for $329 and while you cannot buy the MU075 from the Asus store it is available for $250 for the exact same 4GB i3 processor. In fact if you look at the boxes they have exactly the same ports in exactly the same places. Chances are pretty good that the MOBO is a reference and they are selling the same MOBO in similar boxes (just the power button is in a different configuration but the same place).One interesting caveat is that the Asus product description is fairly generic in that is claims “Powered by up to 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor”. None of the online stores that I checked offered an i7. It might be interesting to note that the processor speed is 1.7Ghz and that might have confused the copywriter… except that Amazon does list “CHROMEBOX-M020U SFF I7/2.1 4GB 16GB” but is not actually selling it themselves. (yet another confusing buying experience). Unfortunately for the $1348 price you get more for your money if you buy a Pixel i7. But that too is a different story.So basically the i3 Chromebox leans toward Asus. There is a savings of $79 and you can put that to a memory upgrade (which I did) and now I have my daily workhorse driving 24" and 27" monitors.