Richard Bucker

ChromeBox is a Success

Posted at — May 21, 2014

You cannot mistaken a ChromeBox from a late model laptop and while “it’s really important” (a jab at the Microsoft Surface 3) that some of the new tablets are also full of power and functionality you have to ask yourself if it’s really all that important.My chromebox is currently playing the web-spotify client and I’m writing this post at the same time. I suppose I could have a few additional windows open but to what end. Earlier this evening I had a few terminal sessions running and a few browsers windows. And it was all working like a champ.I suppose I would like a little more memory for the browser but for the simple things in life who cares. Right now all I need is a text editor and a terminal session and I’m in the sweetspot. (I suppose a Chrome Pixel would be nice if someone were to buy one for me but for the moment this will do just fine)