Richard Bucker

Chromeos Linux Beta Goes Bad

Posted at — Sep 8, 2020

I have been using my ChromeOS/Linux as my development environment. The side effect is that I need all these tools and libs etc… and in the end my session died after performing an apt autoremove as instructed. That was the kiss of death.

Luckily for me all of my work product goes through fossil-scm version control and I do not need or use any complicated tools. I simply do not have the time to rebuild all those nitty gritty tools. In fact … once chromeos thinks it’s supposed to be starting linux all bets are off.

Removing ChromeOS means rebooting and then before launching theLinux container or even the filemanager… you have to remove it in the settings panel. Keep in mind if you’ve janked your environment like I did … the remove/install will take 5-10 minutes depending and then you have to restore your projects and tools which can and will take time.

But if you keep it simple you’ll be back in no time.