Richard Bucker

ChromeOS no QOS

Posted at — Dec 16, 2018

I just powerwashed my Google Pixel Slate because it was in developer mode and I’m not convinced that it’s required for my work… I’m about to start some Flutter development and I/we’ve decided that ChromeOS offers the right touch of security, performance, and features.But while ChromeOS was performing it’s initial sync after powerwash I paired my bluetooth headset and started to stream some music… but while the sync was in progress the stream was starved for bandwidth. It’s hard to believe that someone decided that QOS was not important here.If you’re a person who waits for the install to complete you’d never know the difference and if you were a power user or just someone who thought it was a good idea to play some music while the sync was in progress then you’d have a crappy experience to report.Yet another strike against google. Where do they get their product managers? Too much inbreeding?