Richard Bucker

Circuit or Fleet?

Posted at — Apr 17, 2015

The Circuit website makes this claim:The circuit is unique in one respect: Once a circuit cluster is formed, the circuit system itself cannot fail—only individual hosts can. In contrast, comparable systems (like CoreOS, Consul and Mesosphere) can fail if the hardware hosting the system’s own software fails.And yet the CoreOS documentation, referring to Fleet,  says this:Automatic rescheduling of units on machine failureWhich is clearly contradicts the circuit statement. I have a suspicion that Mesosphere, as well as kubernetes, can also reschedule tasks.I thought I reviewed gocircuit before, however, I cannot locate the original post but if memory serves me I liked the idea but could find a good reason to use it. I remember seeing a presentation and while it seemed to work it was all very special purpose. Especially since I’ve already indicated that fleet [and docker or rocket] can close the loop.