Richard Bucker

Clean Code

Posted at — Oct 8, 2020

I think I found some place that Uncle Bob and I agree…

clean code does not mean you reformated the code with your favorite IDE.

while I have been thinking about a technology pandemic I see another point from Bob…

IDEs with function helpers are helpful

I really hate to repeat myself but more than that I hate to repeatidly type the same 50-char function name even if I do know what it’s supposed to do and while some langs like golang have import aliases… while I hate IDEs that require more than modest hardware… there is something to be said about clean code and hints from VS Code.

you do not need comments for internal code because it should be a shared knowledge in the team.

OMG I hate certain languages escpecially when I can’t find the place where the code starts.

… all in all… maybe there is something to clean code afterall.