Richard Bucker

Clear Linux Ipsec

Posted at — Jul 8, 2020

One of the things I like about ClearLinux is that once the basic install is complete and the first round of updates finishes… (takes about 30 minutes when installing the desktop) the OS will boot in about 2 seconds.

Don’t kid yourself… it’s not completely ready. They just changed the order of the startup so that a user might login. That does not mean that all the services are running.

In my environment I use a CL installation so I can edit my code, build and test my dev changes as I’m not ready to pass my small changes into my CI/CD. I also have an OpenBSD and FreeBSD installation for the same purpose.

The downside is that I have my code in my lab environment so I need to login through the VPN in order to get to the code. Sometimes I just wanna code and not go into the lsb. This is one of the serious flaws with all or nothing networking. But at least my desktop needs to be able to play in both worlds.


Hard? Anything more than a click is considered hard. And it’s a big deal when you consider my position on what to do when it all goes wrong. Granted I hate the idea of even losing one file edit… it’s better than the alternative.