Richard Bucker

coated knife blades

Posted at — Jul 28, 2016

I will NEVER buy a knife with a coated blade. It’s not that the blade adds friction or width to the blade but because it makes a mess of my sharpening stones. I does not matter if the stone os natural or man made the coating gets into the stone and makes a mess. The coating on my Victorinox Hunter Pro has damaged my CC4. Basic water and soap cleaning has restored some of it but the mess is on every stone and I have about 10 of them.The orange knife in the middle is a Victorinox Hunter Pro. It’s a nice knife but I hated the factory edge. after a few hundred strokes I was able to remove enough of the blade coating that I could convert the edge to scandi grind. I was finally able to make some proper feather sticks and defend myself against the evil paper empire. Except for that the knife is great.In the meantime I have complained to the manufacturer because the descriptions are seriously lacking. I wonder if I’m looking at the right website.