Richard Bucker

Coda2 - comments

Posted at — May 25, 2012

Panic recently released Coda2 and Diet-Coda. I really like many or all of the new features and I’m looking forward to getting a complete handle on it as a tool… I’ve used other versions in the past.My only complaints are that they (1) do not currently support HG/BitBucket and (2) no split vertically (3) no native support for remote tmux (4) no Perl resource book(s) (5) no markdown preview or mmd support.One of my biggest complaints of the previous version of Coda was that if the connection to the remote server was iffy then saving a changed file could be a challenge. The last thing I ever want to do is save the file locally, wait for the connection to resume, and then forced to copy the file to the remote server. For this challenge we might be better off with the equivalent of a STASH that is/was replicated to the server and then back to the local computer.