Richard Bucker

codenvy browser based IDE

Posted at — May 4, 2015

I’m converting my development environment from the standard desktop OS (Windows, OSX, Linux) to my ChromeOS and then browser based at that. Having an i7 Google Pixel makes this fun an educational.Ideally I want to do the development on my local machine but until Google adds features like containers to their current platform I won’t really be able to compare apples to apples. In the meantime I plan to test some of the available IDEs.The most recent candidate is Codenvy.To begin the process I had to sign up for a free account and then import/create a project instance based on my bitbucket project. This would have been a normal and simple thing except that bitbucket is not supported as a first class repo. In order to work around the problem I had to (a) generate ssh keys (b) ¬†create a small/empty project and then “import” my project creating a second project. It took a while to figure that out.In the meantime I had a few problems. (1) the git tools had some problems and codenvy did not produce enough helpful information for me. (2) Since I’m writing code in go I would have liked to run goimports as part of the pipeline in order to clean the code including tabs, indenting and imports. At the very least they could have supported user definable tab size. (support recommended that I use the chi plugins but that’s just not going to happen.)The pricing is interesting. ¬†They have moved to a CPU time usage model making them different from the rest. This means that they are doing some sort of passthru and markup. I don’t think they are going to earn my business. It’s not as polished as I would like.