Richard Bucker

Codiad on the road to turbo go

Posted at — Apr 8, 2015

I tried Codiad. There is a lot to like about it even though there are more features than the original Turbo Pascal. Since I want a Turbo Go tool the fact that Codiad is implemented in PHP is a little unsettling. Once I had it running I needed to fill my workspaces directly in the projects folder structure; therefore; invalidating the GOPATH idiomatic structure.Next, I started playing with gowatcher in order to compile the code while I was editing and saving. This only marginally worked; partly because of the GOPATH issue. But mostly because I could not run goimports┬áin the pipeline. If I did run goimports then the IDE was not smart enough to import the changes and would therefore overwrite any changes I might have made to that point.Collaboration is not a must have feature but it would be a nice feature to have anyway. Codemirror and Ace both have potential but the tools/plugins that help are not free or difficult to plugin. While both Ace and Codemirror are excellent they are still limited. It would be great if they included the client/server bits so that I would be left to implement the watcher and builder.Since Ace is being implemented by Github it’s only a matter of time before they complete the design and turn github into an IDE of sorts. For now I think I need to reboot my turbo go.